Video  of the river in flood December 2017

The Project

The Parish Wharf is  common land belonging to Cleeve Prior Village, and as part of a community initiative under the auspices of Cleeve Prior Parish Council the village has set up a project to maintain  the  adjacent river frontage area and the old mill site to the same level as the “village wharf “

The Parish Council has been given permission by the Birmingham Anglers [BAA], who own the project area, to clean up their land making it fully accessible for the village, allowing us to expose the historic mill site & clear the adjacent car park.

It is essential that this area is kept safe for the Community. The Parish council cut the grass on a regular basis, and volunteers keep  the old mill site clear, and keep on top of the rest of the land cutting the grass and clearing the pond throughout the year. If you would like to help with this, you could contact the for more information


In 1964 the wharf was as shown on  this plan, taken  from the lease between Don Archer and the Yardley Wood Social club for the fishing rights on the Avon


The Image below shows the above plan laid over the current land configuration.



The plan below shows the Parish Wharf.



Before work Started 20170607_121405    1 Pictures Now     20171008_154659  

 2 Before work Started20170607_121417     2 Pictures Now    20171008_154636

 3 Before work Started20170607_121505    3 Pictures Now     20171008_154349

 4 Before work Started20170607_121541      4 Pictures Now   20171009_122949

 before work Started20170607_121608   5 Pictures Now       20171008_154439

6 Before work Started

20170607_121629    6 Pictures Now      20171008_154522

7 Car Park Before work Started

car-park-2                                     7. Car Park now                                     to be taken


The Wharf before the first Work day


We have since had a work day as can be seen below

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Thanks to all those who took part and to those who organised the wonderful barbecue we had in the afternoon.

We will be followed this  up with another sunday workday later in the summer.

The Parish Council have purchased a further picnic bench to be sited with the original bench rescued from the river.

There are  currently three aims for the new and larger wharf area.

1.  To make the river bank a better amenity for the village

2.  To clear the dead wood and unsafe trees, and to improve the natural environment endeavouring to get fresh water to the pond area, which is currently stagnant

3.  To look at the historical remains & where possible clear areas to show where the various structures were.

We have had support for this from

  • the Parish Council who gave a grant of £1000 towards the works,
  • Birmingham Anglers who are not only giving us access to the land but are paying fr tree surgeons to work on all the trees in the area.
  • Alastair Addams and Worcester County Council,  who gave money for an additional bench .
  • The Wychavon Wildlife Team and the Environment Agency who are advising on what we must do from an environment perspective, grants , contacts and will be supporting a future grant application for  improving the natural environment and possibly a fish refuge off the river, giving us water back in to the pond area

And last but not least yourselves, the village, many of whom have come down to help. We will be holding some weekly and weekend sessions  in the spring to finally clear the Pond and we look forward to seeing you then. Should you wish to help but not be on the village mailing list please send your e mail address to

Remember, anyone in the village with a rod licence can fish on the wharf free of charge.

Please all use & enjoy the Wharf

Thank You