The Trust

The Trustees shall hold the trust fund and its income on trust to apply to hold them to apply to the provision of the property and accordingly should hold any property to provide and maintain an open space to be known as ” Cleeve Prior Millennium Green”, for the benefit of the inhabitants, and to be used for ever as an area for informal recreation, play or other leisure-time occupations, a meeting area or  place for community events, and for any other lawful purpose consistent with these trusts and for the general benefit of the community


The Millennium Green is to:

  • make a substantial contribution to the life of the whole community
  • to be able to be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities
  • be open and evident to visitors to the locality as well as the inhabitants
  • be an attractive place for people to take air and exercise, meet others and pursue leisure activities and pastimes consistent with shared enjoyment of the whole of the land
  • include an area suitable for community events and celebrations
  • To include significant “natural” areas where people can enjoy nature and wildlife at first hand
  • make a positive contribution to the local environment and respect the established character of the area
  • remain safe and conveniently accessible from inhabitants homes

There will be  a couple of activities at weekends throughout the year when the trustees will be looking for help to improve the aspect of the Green , ie treating benches and mending gates. If you are willing to come and help please contact us  via

Its History

A Link to the  pictorial view of the establishment of the Millennium Green