Historical Walk Round Cleeve Prior

A circular Walk around the village outlining some of the noteble locations and history of the 20th Century

 View The Weir in the 1930’s

Through the above link you will get an insight into what the weir was like in the heyday of the river, as ‘Cleeve Prior Lido’

Video of the early Days of the Heritage Trust

The First part of the video takes us to the early days of the heritage trust and the works around Field Barn,

The River Avon & Cleeve Mill

Article based on the presentation to Cleeve Prior  covering the history of the Mill and the River Avon

Cleeve Prior Manor & the Village to the Present Day

Article including updated history of the Manor with sale details 1919 & 1961

St Andrews Church, the monuments & their inscriptions

The story of the Graveyard at St Andrews Church

Prior House

The Story and History of Prior House formerly Top Farm

Agriculture Wages & tenancies 1874

Details of conditions to be met by tenant farmer in respect of their landlords

The Archive



Buildings & Land

Charletts House

Gertrude Myers

The Parish Wharf – Don Archer


The School & the Church

The Kings Arms & The Cottages

The Cottages Bidford Road

Lynwood & Sharrow

Common Land

Cleeve Prior Manor & the Village to the Present Day

Middle Littleton Tithe Barn

St Andrews Church- Cleeve Prior

The Bakehouse, Malthouse & Cottages as part of the Laurels

Top Farm, and the Mill -The Later Years


The Village During The Wars

WW2 recollections of Don Archer and other Villagers

The Account of the Death of Eric Evans

The Death of Raymond Wilfred Stanley

Mary Collins Recollections 1937 -1945

WW1  & Cleeve Prior

The Coldicott Brothers



Victory Killing the Pig

The Valuation of Bay Tree Farm

Market Gardening in Cleeve Prior

1960 Plum Tour of the Vale



Tomes History of Cleeve Prior – Families

Families in Cleeve Prior

The Sheaf Family

The Smithin Baker Family

The Smithin Family Web Site

The Sheaf Family

The Allchurch-Hallchurch Family

The Collett Family

Louisa Sheaf



Village Life

Census Data 1901 & 1911

Tomes History of Cleeve Prior  – The Village

Don Archer – Was it an Epidemic

A Brief History of Cleeve Prior

The Cleeve Prior Find of 1811

Records from The Evesham Journal

Cleeve Prior Life & Times Extras

Local Railways Long Ago- Don Archer

Cleeve Prior & the Railways

Lime Kilns in Cleeve Prior

1924 Map

Cleeve Prior & Football

Cleeve Prior 1900 to 1914

Cleeve Prior a Walk through the Village 1900-1914

Cleeve prior, an extract from “Noakes 1868 Guide to Worcestershire” incl link to the document

The Legend of the Owen Stone

Cleeve Prior and the Battle of Evesham



The Mill House Tea Rooms -Lin Hawkins

Recollections of Cleeve Prior by Marjory Garrett and others

Recollections of Frank Vickeridge

Recollections of Doreen Yapp

Random Memories of Childhood Jack Stock

Mary Collins Recollections of 3C

Mary Collins Memories of Cleeve Prior

Early Recollections of Eli Ankers

Jack Ankers memories of old Cleeve Prior 

Coronation Day -Lin Hawkins

Peter Politt -early Days

Growing up in the 1950’s

Don Archers Memories of Cleeve Prior

Memories of growing up in Cleeve Prior – Lin Hawkins & Sue Taylor


My Memories of Cleeve Prior- Diane Whiting



The Parish Wharf – Mary Collins

The Re-dedication of the Village Hall

A Prayer for Cleeve Prior at the Millenium

Pickersom Poem

Changing Times

A Recycling Song

A Sunday Litter Pick


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