As their name suggests, the aim of The Cleeve Prior Chroniclers is to record and maintain the documented history of the village. The real source of the information is yourselves as current  or past residents of the village, or maybe  as relatives of someone, sadly no longer with us.

We are looking for anyone who has  memories of their time in the village,  who can put them on paper or an email. You may have old pictures you can share with us to go into our growing picture archive, or artefacts we can display in the memorial Village Hall. If you  can share your story with us but need help to document it, please let us know and we will help in any way we can. If you are doing your own personal research the Chroniclers research on Families in Cleeve Prior might help. This is a living document that is regularily updated as information becomes available. [For ease of use once opened ensure the navigartion page is activated on the view tab for ease of movement around the file]

The greatest source of data today are your house deeds. No matter whether your house is young or old there is valuable information to be found within the documents. For example house deeds can give us:

  • The names of people who have lived in or owned the house in the past.
  • The names of people who may have rented at the time of a previous sale.
  • The wills of deceased owners
  • The previous names of the house which may have been changed over the years
  • The amount of land attached to the property
  • Information on land that may have been part of an estate but was sold off

For example the  information in the document on Cleeve Prior Manor  [review link] was available from house deeds as was the information in the story of the Kings Arms & the Cottages.

If you have such information you could share with us please contact us through  email & we will get back to you.